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Discover bottled bliss with HiFizz!
A whole new range of caffeine-free premium quality flavoured drinks




Mango Tango Background.png

Mango Tango

It’s Mango season and we’re not about to be left behind. Indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of HiFizz Mango Tango Drink! 

Available in 300 & 1500ml

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Lemon Ginger.png
HiFizz Lemon Ginger 1 1920 x 1920.webp

Lemon Ginger

This lemony soda with a hint of ginger is a perfectly refreshing drink for our weather.  Just what our consumer prefers. HiFizz has recreated this popular home drink in a soda version. It's concentration is high and is versatile for flavouring mocktails, drinks and more.

Available in 300 & 1500ml

Green Apple.png

Green Apple

This flavour is as good as biting into a crisp juicy apple. The fizziness of soda, is an added twist. The flavour is robust and we recommend that you savour and enjoy the experience.

Available in 300 & 1500ml

HiFizz Green Apple 1 1920 x 1920.webp
Blueberry Background.png
HiFizz Blueberry 3 1920 x 1920.webp


The Blueberry is our version of a tangy, sweetish flavoured soda. The flavour balances the inherent tartness with the sweetness that is more prevalent in a succulent, ripe version of the berry.

Available in 300 & 1500ml

Rose lime.png

Rose Lime

The Rose lime Soda is a sure twist to the usual lemon soda adding a spark in every sip.  The rose flavor with the lemon juice will invigorate your senses and cool you off like never before.

Available in 300 & 1500ml

Rose Lime 2 1920 x 1920.webp
Pina Colada.png
HiFizz Pina Colada 2 1920 x 1920.webp

Pina Colada

A delectable combination of pineapple and a hint of coconut, with just the perfect Fizz. A must try - this super refreshing, bright and fizzy soda is an assured tropical treat.

Available in 300 & 1500ml



The latest from the house of HiFizz is our minty, fizzy and sparkling “Mojito”. It is an incredibly refreshing blend of sugar, mint leaves and lime juice. Just the perfect cure to the hot weather-induced pangs of thirst.

Available in 300 & 1500 ml 

HiFizz Mojito Drink Website.png
Masala Twist.png
HiFizz Masala Twist 1 1920 x 1920.webp

Masala Twist

This is a punchy mix of sweet and sour flavoured soda drink. We assure you that the taste and memory will linger in your mouth and mind long after you've bottled up!

Available in 300 & 1500ml



Colafloat - the perfect blend of cola and vanilla essence, crowned with a delightful effervescence of soda and caffeine-free fizz! Brace yourself to indulge in a flavour explosion like no other! Whether you seek the classic cola essence with a creamy infusion or a revitalizing caffeine-free choice, HiFizz is your go-to destination!

Available in 300 & 1500 ml 

Colafloat HiFizz 1.jpg
Green Mango.png
Green Mango.png

Green Mango

Experience a Ying and Yang of flavours in Green Mango. It's a perfect blend for those who wish to satisfy their sweet and sour cravings

Available in 300 & 1500ml



Witness a burst of flavours with Strawmelon. This perfect concoction of strawberries with a hint of melon will refresh your senses and soothe your mood.

Available in 300 & 1500 ml 

Bull's Eye Energy Drink.png
Bull's Eye.png

Bull's Eye

Hit your target and take on the day with the electrifying burst of HiFizz Energy Drink Bull's Eye!" Our electrifying burst of energy will help you hit your target and conquer any challenge. Order now and power up!

Available in 300 & 1500ml

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